Name Change: The Virtual Stoic

Name Change: The Virtual Stoic
New Book: Teach yourself Stoicism

Quick update…  You may already have noticed, gentle reader, that I’ve changed the name of my blog from The Philosophy of CBT (although I’m sticking with the domain name for now) to The Virtual Stoic.  The main reason is that this has turned into more of a blog focused on classics and philosophy (with a psychotherapy twist), whereas most of my posts on CBT are on my other blog (

The other reason (and this is news item #2) is that I’m currently writing a new book, under contract to a major publisher, called Teach yourself Stoicism, due out next year.  This will be my second or third book on Stoicism, depending on whether you count Build your Resilience (2012), another book in Hodder’s Teach Yourself series, which contains references to Stoic philosophy throughout and has a final chapter dedicated to this subject.  My first book on Stoicism, The Philosophy of CBT (2010), was a bit more of an academic text on philosophy and psychotherapy, Teach yourself Stoicism is more of a self-help book for the mass market.  It’s well under way now and bits of it (at least the draft version) are being used in the downloadable handbook for the “Living the Stoic Life” study at the University of Exeter.

Hence, in case you wondered what’s going on, I’ve been churning out lots of posts recently on Stoic-related trivia.  In case you missed anything interesting, here’s a little bonus, the archive of recent blog posts – enjoy!

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