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@StoicWeek 2013 is starting soon!


Stoic Week 2013

Stoicism and ResearchStoic Week 2013 will start on 25th November this year and run until 1st December.  This follows on from the hugely successful Stoic Week 2012, which was covered in the UK national press and attracted many participants from around the world.  Stoic Week is an event organised by a multidisciplinary team of psychologists and academics, who have developed online materials to help participants apply ancient Stoic concepts and techniques to modern living.  The pilot study conducted last year provided evidence that this could improve mood and psychological wellbeing, after a short period of practice, using the Stoic techniques in the handbook devised for the study.

You can get brief updates by following the Marcus Aurelius (@Stoicweek) account on Twitter.

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You can also get updated by becoming a follower of this Facebook event page:

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All of the details on the event will be available from the Stoicism Today blog hosted at the University of Exeter.

Visit Stoicism Today

Also see this brief article from Jules Evans’ Philosophy for Life blog…

Live Like a Stoic Week 2013

The video below contains more information…

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